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The world has information in abundance through the different media and the consumer of this information is the human race. I have noted with interest the impact of the media on society – consumers are either impacted positively or negatively by what they consume from the media. But even the consumption of positive information has not necessarily changed the citizens of the world for the better. We are seeing those who consume this information with “intent” pioneering both negative and positive change. If a person assimilates the accumulated information and converts it into meaningful action, “the process of knowing” begins to unfold. The Platform strives to facilitate a process of acquiring practical and or usable information through empowerment, education, and the creation of a positive platform for all who will access the blog with positive intent.

At The Platform we believe change is never change, unless we embrace the process and begin to change; “talk is cheap”, but it is time for the citizens of the world, especially those who believe in the “Invisible God” to go beyond just talking and hearing about change but begin to facilitate positive change. It is time for change, and testimonies of what works are one of the many ways of fostering positive impact to the people of the world, letting them know that it is possible…to live a life that is God centered…and yet enjoy yourself, by digging deep within the wells of knowledge and act for and on behalf of ourselves and generations to come. This is done to the preserve of the God given abilities which are hidden in our spirits.

The author of this blog is one of the many people who do not only pray for positive change in the world but works towards enforcing positive change – he believes we can be better citizens of the world – by promoting a society that believes in people’s worth. A platform is a surface raised above the level of the adjacent area, as a stage for public speaking, this is The Platform.

Contact Us:
The Platform
P.O. Box 536
Mbabane, H100
Swaziland, Southern Africa
Email: teeceelove1@yahoo.com
REF: The Platform


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